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FRESA Body Butter

FRESA Body Butter

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4 oz | 118 ml

Enriched with its invigorating fragrance, this body butter provides an aromatic journey that uplifts your senses and nourishes your skin. With its luxuriously creamy texture, it melts into your skin, delivering deep hydration and leaving behind a soft, dewy glow.

Made in Jamaica.

/ˈfɾə.zə/ fresaLighthearted elegance and indulgence.

Take your senses on a delightful olfactory journey to a sun-kissed garden. Fresa conjures images of picnics under the sun, leisurely afternoons, and the pure joy of savouring life's most delightful moments.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Green Leaves, Lemon

Middle: Strawberry, Cream

Base: Sugar, Light Musk


Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol

How to use

Warm butter in hands, then apply directly to the skin. Gently massage using firm, broad strokes until fully absorbed. For best results, use after shower. Do not ingest. For external use only.

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Fresa Body Butter

Love it! One of my new faves, it smells like a strawberry milkshake!