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PEACHY Home & Linen Mist

PEACHY Home & Linen Mist

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8 oz | 236.5 ml

Revitalize your home with our Peachy Home and Linen Mist. This refreshing spray bring the delightful fragrance of sun-ripened peaches to your linens, upholstery, and any room in an instant. Enjoy the essence of summer and a welcoming environment with every spritz, making your spaces inviting and aromatic.

Made in Jamaica.

/ˈpiːtʃi/ peachyRadiating joyful exuberance.

The aroma of a ripe peach is a sensory delight that is difficult to resist. As you inhale deeply, the fragrance envelops you, evoking memories of warm summer days and fresh fruit. Peachy captures the essence of an idyllic summer day and all the joy it brings.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Amaretto, Lime, Banana 

Middle: Papaya, Peach, Mango, Pear, Green Leaves

Base: Tonka Bean

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Its lovely . I get many compliments on the scent. Can you please, put another option of payment on your website. "Pay upon arrival"? I dont have a bank account. So if i collect my order or ask for delivery i would prefer to pay cash on delivery.